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Mobile lone worker escort: personal protection

Our escort solutions provides a licensed Officer to accompany a member of your staff when locking up/leaving the premises late at night.

We act on your behalf.

We can also arrange for a licensed Officer to act as a proxy member of staff, for example, when a contractor needs to access your premises out of hours. We will collect your keys, or meet a member of your team at the premises, accompany the contractor whilst they are in your building and then ensure your premises are locked and secured.

We also offer a transport-escort service which involves one of our marked vehicles accompanying any valuable goods vehicles from location A to B, whether it be a short or long distance. The vigilance and awareness of our licensed mobile patrol officers ensures that there is constant assessing of the area for any outside threat to the safe transportation of goods.

At your side

Our Mobile Security out of hours presence service provides a professional PSA licensed Officer to accompany a member of your staff when locking up and leaving your premises late at night, or even being there to provide a professional security presence when your premises needs to be opened very early in the mornings for the start of your working day.

These professional security presences can also be availed of at the weekends day and night as well as bank holidays.


Utilizing a Mobile Escort: Personal Protection service, as described in your provided description, offers several benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: The primary benefit is enhanced security for your premises, personnel, and valuable assets. Having a licensed security officer accompany individuals, contractors, or valuable goods provides a visible deterrent to potential threats and ensures a safer environment.
  • Peace of Mind: Individuals and staff members can have peace of mind knowing that a professional security officer is present to ensure their safety during activities such as locking up late at night or opening early in the morning. This can help alleviate concerns about personal safety.
  • Transport Security: When transporting valuable goods, having a marked vehicle accompanied by a licensed security officer adds an extra layer of protection against theft or external threats. It ensures the safe transportation of valuable assets.
  • Vigilance and Awareness: Security officers are trained to maintain vigilance and be aware of their surroundings. They can assess the area for potential threats or security breaches, providing early detection and response.
  • Customized Services: Mobile escort services can be customized to meet your specific needs, whether it's accompanying staff during late-night operations, early morning openings, or weekend activities. This flexibility allows you to adapt security measures as needed.
  • Risk Mitigation: The presence of a security officer helps mitigate risks associated with late-night or early morning activities, as well as the transport of valuable goods. It reduces the likelihood of security incidents.
  • Protection of Reputation: A professional security presence reflects positively on your business or organization. It can help protect your reputation by demonstrating a commitment to safety and security.
  • Response to Emergencies: Security officers are trained to respond to emergencies, providing assistance in case of accidents, medical issues, or security breaches.
  • Availability: Mobile escort services are available outside regular business hours, including weekends and holidays, ensuring that you have access to security support when needed.

In summary, a Mobile Escort: Personal Protection service provides enhanced security, access control, and peace of mind for individuals, staff members, contractors, and valuable assets. It's a valuable resource for businesses and organizations looking to prioritize safety and security during various activities and circumstances.


Peace of mind

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