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SentriGuard® for retail stores

Ensuring your peace of mind is our priority. We deliver dependable, secure, and sustainable technology to instil confidence in property and access.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving retail landscape, security remains a paramount concern. Retail stores face unique challenges in safeguarding their premises, staff, and valuable merchandise. The SentriGuard® key management solution addresses these challenges head-on, providing a comprehensive and secure system that instills confidence and peace of mind.

In addition to addressing emergency access and staff protection, the innovative SentriGuard® system ensures secure and traceable access for out-of-hours deliveries and controlled key handling.


Features and Capabilities

  • Alarm response - Significantly reduce response times and reduces key holding charges with the SentriGuard® system. The system is fully traceable and audited, providing detailed reports on arrivals to the site.
  • Contractor access & visit verification - Streamline contractor access planning with SentriGuard®, which offers SMS and email notifications. This allows seamless visit coordination—when one contractor leaves, another is notified and can enter, all through a simple text or email message.
  • Lost keys - Mitigate logistical challenges, time management issues, and costs associated with lock changing across stores by utilizing the SentriGuard® system. Enable key tracking and receive notifications for missing keys, maintaining a comprehensive audit trail of key management.
  • Out of hours deliveries - Simplify out-of-hours delivery logistics by providing one-off access for delivery drivers through SentriGuard®. This access is fully logged and recorded, eliminating the need for on-site staff during off-hours deliveries.
  • Staff safety and disruption - Grant access to contractors and responders directly, recording visit time and length without causing disruption to staff. This ensures efficient operations without unnecessary disturbance.
  • Instore secure locations - Extend the use of SentriGuard® to secure valuable areas within the store, not just at the main entrance. This capability allows for restricted access to specific areas of the property.
  • Emergency access for staff - Guarantee urgent access for staff members without unavoidable delays, ensuring swift and secure entry when needed.

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Independently attack tested

SentriGuard® key safes are commercially graded, ensuring robust security measures. Achieved the prestigious LPS 1175 C3 Loss Prevention Standard, indicating resilience against unauthorised access through rigorous design evaluation and severe attack testing conducted by BRE.

Peace of mind

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