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Void and Vacant Property

Securitas provides a full range of effective solutions to the Property Management, Securitas specifically helps to support management of risk and cost, and providing direct and immediate response to all issues with electronic security measures as well as human interventions.

Vacant and Void property Services

Securitas Ireland can provide and fit custom security screens and high-security steel doors to ensure that your premises are secured from intrusion. To augment this security lockdown, we then can provide stand-alone alarm systems with a long-life battery and on-board tamper detections so that if there are issues we are aware, more advanced standalone systems have video verification of all alarm activations.

We will capture colour video clips at 3 frames per second, which is immediately relayed to our managed 24/7 monitoring station.

To ensure a full comprehensive security service, we then can provide professional Private Security Authority (PSA) licenced mobile security interventions to the alarms, and we can provide follow up patrols on a needs basis to manage the event and its aftermath.


Utilizing void and vacant property security solutions, such as the ones described by Securitas Ireland, offers several benefits for property management and protection:

  • Enhanced Property Security: Securing vacant or void properties is essential to prevent unauthorized access, vandalism, theft, and squatting. High-security steel doors, security screens, and alarm systems provide robust protection to deter intruders.
  • Customized Security: Securitas Ireland offers custom security solutions tailored to the specific needs of your property. This ensures that security measures are appropriate and effective for the property's unique layout and vulnerabilities.
  • Immediate Response: Electronic security measures, combined with 24/7 monitoring, provide immediate response to security breaches or alarms. This quick reaction time can minimize potential damage and loss.
  • Tamper Detection: Alarm systems with tamper detection features alert security personnel if there are attempts to tamper with the security measures. This proactive response can prevent security breaches.
  • Video Verification: Video verification of alarm activations allows for real-time assessment of the situation. It helps determine whether the alarm is genuine or false, enabling more efficient use of security resources.
  • Professional Security Personnel: Securitas Ireland employs licensed and trained security personnel who can respond to alarms and breaches. Their presence can deter criminals and provide on-site security when needed.
  • Follow-Up Patrols: Security providers can conduct follow-up patrols on a needs basis to manage and assess the aftermath of security incidents. This helps ensure that the property remains secure even after an event.

Standard Operations

For normal operations we can provide regular property inspections with full reports delivered live to your chosen mailboxes, this is a service that meets both your requirements and budge as well as managing your health and safety requirements at your premises, 

Securitas can provide 24 hour support to ensure your property in in safe hands all day every day.

In summary, utilizing void and vacant property security solutions from a reputable provider like Securitas Ireland can help protect your property, mitigate risks, and provide immediate response to security issues, ultimately contributing to cost savings and peace of mind.

Peace of mind

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