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Improving security for Global Client's temporary facilities

Securitas Ireland takes pride in delivering innovative and cost-effective security solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. In this case study, we showcase our collaboration with a global client newly established in the Limerick market.

Facing the challenge of securing two regional temporary facilities until the completion of their new headquarters, the client required a robust security plan that would align with their business nature and budget constraints. Securitas Ireland, as an industry leader in protective services, responded by formulating a comprehensive security program utilising our Six Protective Services.

Client background

Our client, a global entity, ventured into the Limerick market and established two regional temporary facilities as an interim solution until the completion of their new headquarters. Recognising the need for a strong physical security presence due to the nature of their business, they sought the expertise of Securitas Ireland to develop a detailed plan of operation for both buildings.

Client needs

The primary requirement for the client was 24/7 security with on-site guarding for both temporary sites. However, mindful of their overall budget, Securitas Ireland proposed a strategic mix of our Six Protective Services to provide the necessary security levels while remaining conscious of the client's financial constraints.

Securitas' response

As an industry leader in protective services, Securitas Ireland aimed to create a unique security program for the client by leveraging our Six Protective Service offerings. This involved reducing on-site guarding hours and incorporating new technical solutions on each site. The result was a high-calibre security program that not only met the client's requirements but also came in well below the original security budget, greatly impressing the client.

Six Protective Services operational phase

For Site 1, Securitas provided 24/7 on-site guarding and upgraded the on-site access control system, intruder alarm system, and added remote monitoring. For Site 2, Securitas reduced guarding hours and installed a Perimeter Detection Security System with remote monitoring. Strategic on-site guarding during operational hours, coupled with mobile patrols out of hours and weekends, remote guarding, and perimeter protection, created a comprehensive security solution for both sites.

Ongoing support

To ensure the continuous success of the project, Securitas Ireland has appointed a dedicated Protective Services Branch Manager. This commitment to ongoing support reflects our dedication to fostering a lasting partnership with our clients, rather than providing just a one-time solution.

Securitas Ireland embraced the client's full requirements and, instead of simply meeting the budget constraints, our Protective Service Manager and Development Manager designed a bespoke service and solution. This allowed the client to have a best-in-class physical security operation for both sites while saving significant resources. Our six protective service/solution offering ensures that clients receive the best possible solution while always respecting budgets and meeting expectations in today's dynamic business climate. This case study exemplifies our commitment to innovation, cost-effectiveness, and long-term client satisfaction.

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Alan McDonald
Protective Services Development Manager, Securitas Ireland


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