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Enhancing security through innovative intelligence

Discover how Securitas Ireland transformed security through innovative intelligence. Explore our tailored approach to enhancing safety, leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic insights to meet the unique challenges of our clients.

Securitas Global Client, a worldwide leader in IT transformation, has been revolutionising the industry with cutting-edge solutions in infrastructure, data storage, hybrid cloud, and data protection. At their administration and research facilities, Securitas Ireland ensures round-the-clock security with 24/7 man guarding and mobile services.

Client Background

Securitas Ireland has been collaborating with the client since March 2014, delivering security services aligned with the client's expectations. The facilities demand a high standard of performance, and Securitas has embraced this methodology to maintain an organised and efficient workplace.


  • A comprehensive security solution to fulfil the guarding function.
  • Real-time information/reporting for proactive security measures.
  • Service delivery intelligence to optimise security operations.


Securitas implemented a multi-faceted security solution tailored to the client's unique requirements:

  • Man guarding: Trained personnel ensuring on-site security.
  • Mobile patrol & alarm response: Mobile services for proactive monitoring and quick response to alarms.
  • Remote monitored intruder, CCTV & alarm system: Advanced technologies to enhance overall security.
  • Intelligent patrolling and reporting – Securitas Guarding Platform: Implementation of the Securitas Guarding Platform patrol and reporting tool for real-time information and reporting.


  • Central control of security functions: A unified platform for managing and controlling security operations across all facilities.
  • Real-time security and performance intelligence: Proactive monitoring and reporting tools provide instant insights into security status.
  • Mobile patrols of the premises: Efficient and responsive mobile services for continuous monitoring.
  • Enhanced control for employees and visitors: Improved access/egress controls, ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone on-site.


The collaboration between the client and Securitas Ireland has resulted in a more secure and efficiently managed environment. The implementation of the Securitas Guarding Platform has significantly enhanced real-time monitoring, reporting capabilities, and overall service delivery intelligence.

Through its partnership with the client, Securitas Ireland has successfully addressed security challenges by providing a comprehensive and intelligent security solution. The integration of advanced technologies and the Securitas Guarding Platform has not only improved security measures but also contributed to a safer, more organised, and high-performance workplace for the client's vital administration and research facilities.

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