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From ad hoc reporting to actionable intelligence

A leading finance company upgrades its safety measures with risk intelligence. With the help of services provided by the Risk Intelligence Center (RIC), the organisation is now able to stay ahead of threats and make informed decisions for the business.

In times when global operations are synonymous with a variety of complex security challenges, a  Financial Services organisation found itself at a crossroads. With corporate and branch locations across the globe, the company was increasingly concerned about incidents that could potentially harm its people, property, assets and overall operations. 

The organisation had limited situational awareness and were unaware how to manage global threats and engage local teams. Their incident reporting they had was ad hoc, lacked analysis and assessment, and did not provide actionable intelligence they could use to help decision makers manage security posture and response.

The Solution

To combat these challenges, the organisation turned to the Risk Intelligence Center (RIC), which developed a bespoke intelligence service, using dedicated  analyst resources, supported by managed service provision, and specialist investigative resources. The solution encompassed real-time monitoring of threats and incidents, functioning round the clock, every day of the year. This vigilance was designed to significantly enhance the organisation's security response and safeguard its global assets and workforce.

Furthermore, the RIC provided intelligence support to manage crises and incidents, including early warnings of potential threats such as protest action and other security risks. In addition, intelligence summaries, dispatched daily, weekly, and monthly, equipped management with the tactical tools necessary for maintaining situational awareness and for making informed decisions.

To manage specific threats, such as workplace violence and executive protection, the RIC also offered enhanced investigation and defensive screening solutions. Additionally, a dedicated Request For Intelligence (RFI) service was established, drawing on specialized resources to address specific threats. These are the solutions that were implemented:

  • Real-time monitoring: Monitoring for threats and incidents, 24/7, 365 days of the year, including safeguarding global assets and colleagues.
  • Intelligence support: For crisis and incident management, and early warning of potential direct threats targeting the organisation, including protest action.
  • Intelligence summaries: Daily, weekly and monthly to maintain situational awareness and assurance.
  • Enhanced investigations solutions: For managing the threat of workplace violence, including a client-specific abusive and threatening behaviour initiative.
  • Enhanced defensive screening solutions: For executive protection and supporting colleague welfare when managing targeted threats to the person.
  • Request for intelligence (RFI): Including specialist resource(s) for specific threats.

The Outcome

The tailored solution has proved invaluable for the company and has empowered the organisation with a security strategy led by intelligence, granting decision-makers a significant advantage and the confidence to make pivotal business choices. The solution not only supported the organisation’s investment in security and resilience but also maximised it.

By providing the customer with maximum situational awareness, the RIC delivered added assurance and value, enabling the customer to safeguard their people, property and assets globally. Through monitoring for specific threats to the organisation, the RIC enabled the customer to avoid the cost of disruption from various threats, including protest activity targeting high-profile events, plans to damage property, and targeting of personnel. With intelligence-led security, the customer is able to focus on what they need to know, and what to do about it, while enabling their wider business to deliver their global operations and strategic objectives.

Peace of mind

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