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Transforming digital infrastructure security

As digital infrastructure becomes increasingly integral to business success, securing these assets is more crucial than ever. Securitas Ireland has developed cutting-edge strategies to transform digital infrastructure security.

Our client is a dynamic and innovation-driven digital infrastructure organisation based in Dublin. Comprising industry-leading experts in intelligent design, engineering, security, science, research, and sustainability, the company is dedicated to developing and operating sustainable data centers. With a commitment to "data centers for good," the organisation actively creates employment opportunities, supports local communities, and invests in environmental restoration. Their footprint spans the UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle East, and Asia, with over 200MW of IT capacity live or under development.

Challenges faced

  • Security solution for greenfield new build: The client faced the challenge of establishing a comprehensive security solution for a new build, requiring the recruitment and training of an entire security team to ensure the safety and protection of their digital infrastructure.
  • Real-time information and reporting: The need for real-time information and reporting was paramount to enhance the overall security posture. Traditional reporting methods were insufficient for the dynamic nature of the digital infrastructure landscape.
  • Service delivery intelligence: As a forward-thinking organisation, the client sought a solution that would not only address immediate security concerns but also provide intelligent insights into service delivery, ensuring a proactive approach to potential security threats.
  • Ad-Hoc guarding resources: The client required a flexible solution to manage ad-hoc guarding resources efficiently, adapting to the evolving security landscape as needed.

Proposed solution

The client opted for a multi-faceted security solution that addressed their specific challenges:

  • Man guarding – specialist Data Centre guarding: A specialised security team was recruited and trained to provide on-site security, tailored to the unique requirements of data center facilities.
  • Mobile patrol & alarm response: Mobile patrol units were implemented to ensure comprehensive coverage, with rapid alarm response capabilities to mitigate potential security incidents swiftly.
  • Intelligent patrolling and reporting – Securitas Guarding Platform: The implementation of the Securitas Guarding Platform enabled intelligent patrolling, real-time reporting, and data analytics. This technology-driven approach allowed for more effective monitoring and reporting of security activities.

Benefits realised

  • Central control of security functions: The client gained centralised control over all security functions, streamlining operations and ensuring a cohesive approach to safeguarding their digital infrastructure.
  • Real-Time security and performance Intelligence: With the Securitas Guarding Platform, the organisation achieved real-time insights into security activities, allowing for immediate responses to potential threats and the ability to track performance metrics over time.
  • Enhanced control for Employees and Visitors: The implementation of the security solution provided an additional layer of control for employees and visitors, creating a secure environment conducive to innovation and collaboration.

By partnering with a specialised security provider and leveraging cutting-edge technology, the client successfully overcame their security challenges. This case study highlights the importance of adopting innovative solutions in the ever-evolving digital infrastructure landscape, ensuring not only the protection of critical assets but also the promotion of sustainable and community-focused values.

Peace of mind

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