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Distribution and Logistics Security Solutions

Merchandise theft. Property damage. Employee tampering. Organised crime. Irish manufacturers sustain losses valued in the millions of Euros each year – incidents that often are perpetrated by their employees or can involve internal collusion.

Distribution and Logistics Security in Ireland

Securitas Security Services Ireland has decades of successful experience addressing security threats in manufacturing environments.

Securitas Security Services Ireland delivers customised security solutions designed to expose security breaches, reduce theft and shipping loss and sustain profitability.

We deliver customised security solutions designed to expose security breaches, reduce theft and shipping loss, minimize employee collaboration, and sustain profitability. 

In short, we offer the most reliable, comprehensive and professional distribution and logistics support available.

Assessing Your Security Needs

Securitas Ireland will work with your loss prevention management team to conduct regular security audits that identify threats to your facility, goods and its supply chain, both internal and external.  We typically begin by conducting a comprehensive Operational Analysis that assesses security concerns related to:


  • Primary cargo type(s), e.g., apparel, electronics, food, high-tech, etc.
  • Cargo environment.
  • Existing facility security measures and/or programs.
  • Risk assessment of areas and processes.
  • Physical security assessment.
  • Other areas of operational concern.


Warehouses are vulnerable spaces, not easy to control and to secure, with considerable traffic flows of people and the premises size if large can make guarding complex.

Robbery is the most important risk for express delivery services companies, which can lead to large losses from a financial point of view.

We help you address identified security issues, offering a customized solution based on “best  practices” security expertise gained from serving thousands of manufacturers.

Trained, Responsive Security Professionals

Our security officers, supervisors and managers are trained in distribution and logistics security. 

Customised training programs provide a clear understanding of the security requirements of logistics operations, and we can supplement our training to address your site-specific needs and procedures.

We provide service skills and safety training for our employees, and welcome coordination and cross-participation with your staff training and quality assurance programs, as appropriate. We are committed to our employees and provide on-going professional development designed to enhance their capabilities and effectiveness.

We offer a collaborative, proactive approach in reviewing command and control procedures, loss prevention control and access control. Post orders, officer duties and operating policies and procedures are aligned with your security management plan and internal policies.

Further Distribution and Logistics Security Solutions

With a presence in more than 56 countries, Securitas is a strong supplier for supply chain security. We deliver tailored technology solutions and staffing throughout the chain, wherever required to meet the needs of your business.

A logistics chain comprises many parts: distribution facilities and loading centers, logistics companies and shipping firms, as well as secure rest areas, warehouses and courier companies. Security should be a common thread in the handling of goods, from producer to consumer both nationally and internationally.

Peace of mind

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