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Retail Security Solutions

Securitas helps provide a safe shopping experience

Retail Security for Securitas Ireland is a separate specialised branch that is dedicated to the needs and security concerns of front line high street retailers and help with Retail Crime Prevention. Securitas Retail is the leading provider of professional licensed retail security personnel and store detectives where we strive to drive down the ever increasing rise in theft from both external and internal sources.

Helping you to deliver

Retail crime is an epidemic in this country. Millions of Euros are lost annually due to retail crime.

Securitas Security Services Ireland is the Retail Security Solution's provider which offers a variety of customised loss prevention services to help Irish Retailers minimise their losses.

We offer these services for two specific reasons – to help provide a safe working and shopping environment and to help you and your store management teams reduce their shrinkage, stock losses and lost profits.

Protect your profits

Securitas Ireland security professionals work in conjunction with your management to develop customised loss prevention programs which help you, the retailer identify how the losses are occurring,  minimise the exposure to loss and to deter and detect suspected perpetrators. 

Securitas Ireland fully understands that retailers incur losses in a variety of ways:


  • Internal theft – employees,
  • External theft – shoplifting,
  • Paperwork - incorrect documentation. 


Our Specialised Security Officers, Supervisors, Store Detectives and assigned Managers are dedicated and highly trained to deliver you Retail Security of the highest levels.

Securitas Ireland is fully committed to the advancement of security in Retail Environments. 

We have invested significant resources to provide our customers with Retail Security Professionals who understand the specialised needs of your industry and they consistently perform to the highest standards, delivering specialised retail security services to you so you can deliver to your customers.

Secure stores with Securitas

We provide you with a complete security solution, including security advisory and on-call crisis management services, as well as technical security systems and services that are specially adapted for retail operations. We know different types of losses require different types of security measures. Our floorwalker service, delivery checks and test shopping services are examples of the specially adapted security services we offer for retail operations.

In addition to intrusion alarms, emergency alarms and strongboxes, we also offer smart camera services including visitor counters and customer flow measurements. We provide you with tools that help you understand your customers and increase your conversion rate. Having secure premises doesn’t simply mean protecting against theft, but also fires and other accidents.

We help you with your systematic fire protection and inspect your fire alarms and emergency exit routes. It is also important to us that you know how to react if a situation arises, so we offer you and your colleagues training in store security.


Peace of mind

Contact us today to find out how we combine cutting edge technology with real time intelligence to keep you and your business safe.

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