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Town and Shopping Centre Security Solutions

The ever-evolving world of retail security provides Securitas with the opportunity to develop its security solutions. From Shopping Centres to High Streets or ABC1 affluent destinations to deprived communities, the challenges facing our Security Officers in Ireland are very diverse.

Security Demographics

The differing demographics and local environments dictate the skill base required of our Officers.

At the higher end of the Market Sector, Customer Care and advisory skills are essential, whereas in the socially more challenging locations, the focus is concentrated on public safety and profit protection of customer assets.

Securitas has developed a range of training modules that reflect the specific retail environment.

Security Branches

The partnership of our Branch teams with our clients provides the ideal opportunity to understand the economic, demographic and logistical challenges facing our clients and provides the opportunity to discuss, agree and implement a bespoke solution for each location.

Further Retail Sector Security Solutions

Retail Security for Securitas Ireland is a separate specialised branch, that is dedicated to the needs and security concerns of frontline high street retailers and help with Retail Crime and loss Prevention.

Securitas Retail is the leading provider of professional licensed Retail Security Personnel and Store Detectives where we strive to drive down the ever increasing rise in theft from both external and internal sources.

Peace of mind

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