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SentriGuard® at Ireland's premier car rental company

Revolutionising key management and streamlining operations.

Ireland's largest rent-a-car company sought a solution to enhance the security of its extensive vehicle fleet and reduce waiting times for customers collecting cars outside regular business hours. Securitas Ireland, a world-leading safety and security solutions partner, presented the SentriGuard® key management solution, offering a comprehensive approach to address security concerns and operational inefficiencies.

This case study delves into the successful implementation of SentriGuard®, emphasising its impact on key management and the substantial reduction in waiting times for out-of-hours car collections.

Client overview

The client, a prominent player in the Irish car rental industry, faced challenges in managing a large fleet of vehicles distributed across various locations. Security concerns, especially during non-business hours, and lengthy waiting times for customers picking up cars outside standard operating hours were critical issues that needed immediate attention.


  • Security during non-business hours: The client needed a robust key management system to ensure the security of vehicles, particularly during out-of-hours operations.
  • Extended waiting times: Extended waiting times for customers collecting cars outside regular business hours were affecting customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Securitas Ireland proposed the implementation of the SentriGuard® key management solution, tailored to address both security and operational efficiency concerns.

  • Keys at point of access: Keys are always available for an immediate access.
  • Automated check-in/check-out: The solution automated the key check-in and check-out process, significantly reducing manual intervention and expediting vehicle handovers.
  • Access control integration: Integration with the client's existing access control infrastructure ensured that only authorised personnel could access key storage, enhancing overall security.
  • Customer notification system: SentriGuard® included a customer notification feature, alerting clients about the availability of their rental keys and providing clear instructions for out-of-hours car collection.

Implementation Process

The implementation of SentriGuard® followed a strategic approach:

  • Needs assessment: Securitas Ireland conducted a thorough assessment of the client's key management challenges and specific requirements related to out-of-hours car collections.
  • Customisation and integration: SentriGuard® was customised to align with the client's unique needs and seamlessly integrated with existing access control and reservation systems.
  • Training and support: Comprehensive training sessions were provided to the client's staff to ensure a smooth transition. Ongoing support and maintenance services were implemented to address any issues promptly.


  • Enhanced security: Key tracking and access control integration significantly improved security, especially during non-business hours, reducing the risk of unauthorised access.
  • Reduced waiting times: The automated check-in/check-out process, combined with the customer notification system, led to a substantial reduction in waiting times for customers collecting cars outside regular business hours.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: The streamlined process and timely notifications positively impacted customer satisfaction, enhancing the overall rental experience.
  • Operational efficiency: The solution not only improved security but also optimised operational efficiency, resulting in quicker vehicle turnover and reduced operational costs.

SentriGuard® emerged as a transformative solution for Ireland's largest rent-a-car company, successfully addressing security concerns and significantly reducing waiting times for out-of-hours car collections. The implementation showcased the potential of advanced key management systems in simultaneously enhancing security and improving customer satisfaction in the car rental industry.

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