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Securitas SentriGuard® key management solution

Transform access control within your organization with cutting-edge security technology. The SentriGuard® key management solution enables you to deliver swift and authorized access like never before, enhancing security measures.

Securitas SentriGuard® key management solution offers a solution for easily managed, controlled, and traceable access to your premises.

Offering unrivalled, patented technology and proven outstanding in its field, the SentriGuard® key management solution provides you with both confidence and peace of mind. Our intuitive mobile application provides access to authorised users, updating our cloud-based platform with full access history, in real-time.

Our solution provides you with confidence in the knowledge that keys remain securely onsite, user management is updated in real-time and granting one-off access is as simple as generating a flexible one day code. The SentriGuard® key management solution enables you to eliminate your key holding, door replacement and key loss costs, reduce time in transit and improve your response times.

Not only cost-effective and time-efficient, but the Securitas SentriGuard® key management solution also provides secure access for multiple, approved individuals eliminating the risks associated with a mechanical key safe, including code management and security of keys.

Unlock efficiency with our modern key management solution

Are you still relying on outdated keyholding systems that bring more problems than they solve? It's time to break free from the limitations of conventional methods and embrace a modern approach designed to streamline operations, enhance response times, and save costs.

Challenges of conventional key holding services:

  • Complexity: Managing a large volume of keys centrally and keeping track of key locations across multiple sites can be a logistical nightmare. Our traditional key holding method often leads to administrative complexities that hinder smooth operations.
  • Loss of time: In emergency situations, every second counts. However, the existing system requires locating and collecting the right key set before each intervention, resulting in unnecessary delays.
  • Logistical issues: The process of collecting key lockers and dealing with overlapping patrols introduces inefficiencies and adds delays to the overall response time.
  • Management costs: The traditional key holding method is expensive and demands significant resources, leading to higher management costs. This increased expenditure ultimately translates into a more expensive service for your organization.
  • Inefficient travel: The need to travel to collect and return key lockers, especially in unforeseen cases, leads to inefficient travel practices and, consequently, a more expensive service for your organization.

It's time for a change!

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As the world’s leading intelligent security services provider, we proudly stand guard to protect what really matters – the safety and welfare of people and property everywhere. Read through our brochure to learn more about our security services, solutions and find out how we are making your world a safer place.

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Our modern key holding solution is designed to simplify and streamline the entire process, offering smoother operations, improved response times, and substantial cost savings. Don't let outdated methods hold you back – unlock the efficiency your business deserves with our advanced key management solution. Embrace the future today!


Revolutionise your key holding with SentriGuard® key management solution

Sentriguard® is a key management solution that is designed to address and overcome the challenges you've previously encountered.

Sentriguard® system combines three elements:

  • A  secure, attack-tested and commercially approved key safe.
  • cloud-based platform for the property and user management.
  • A  user-friendly app for property access and live on-site reports.

SentriGuard® key safe

  • Keys at point of access - Keys are always available for an immediate access to approved staff or contractors.
  • Improved response time - Quicker response times with the nearest patrol onsite in shorter time.
  • Secure solution - Designed with security in mind and attack-tested by the industry experts. Guaranteed key safety onsite.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions - Less travel for key holding and response contributes to carbon emission reduction targets.
  • Large key compartment - Enjoy ample space for multiple keys and cards.
  • Simple installation - Swift and hassle-free installation ensures you're up and running in no time.
  • Cost-effective - A secure alternative to fully-digital keys and does not require lock changes and key replacements.

SentriKey Access+ Platform

  • Manage key safes & users - Control all key safes on one centralized platform. Add or remove users, granting specific access levels to each.
  • Flex code generation - Generate access codes with restrictions – assign them to specific users, dates, and times. Share the code effortlessly via SMS or email.
  • Reactive maintenance - A one-off access code can be granted to deal with unplanned repairs and out-of-hours maintenance visits.
  • Emergency access - In case of an emergency, a quick access to the property can be granted in minimum time.
  • Missing key detection - Keep track of key locations to minimize loss and avoid expensive lock replacements.
  • Generate Reports - Run comprehensive reports, covering access history, code generation, and key safe alerts. 

SentriKey Access+ APP

  • Access Keys - Once approved, multiple regular users gain secure access to the key safe through the user-friendly app.
  • Data upload in real time - Capture on-site data in real time. Use the app to upload images and status notes visible to administrators on the platform.
  • Key safe location map - Utilize the built-in map to visualize key safe locations. Alternatively, opt for a quick address and key safe status check through the list view.

What sets SentriGuard® key management solution apart?

Choosing SentriGuard® key management solution means opting for a reliable access solution trusted by numerous companies across Ireland, the USA, the UK, and throughout Europe. This innovative system has found successful implementation in diverse sectors, including Banking, Commercial and Void Property, along with government institutions and critical infrastructure sites.

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Independently attack tested

SentriGuard® key safes are commercially graded, ensuring robust security measures. Achieved the prestigious LPS 1175 C3 Loss Prevention Standard, indicating resilience against unauthorised access through rigorous design evaluation and severe attack testing conducted by BRE.

Why Choose Sentriguard® key management solution?

Experience the seamless synergy of a secure key safe, a cloud-based management platform, and a user-friendly app. Break free from the limitations of traditional methods and embrace efficiency with Sentriguard® key management solution.

Revolutionize your key management – unlock simplicity, enhance security, and take control like never before!

Peace of mind

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