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Construction site security enhancement

Construction sites, with their valuable equipment and materials, are often targets for criminal activities such as theft and vandalism. When a global biopharmaceutical company faced a series of break-ins causing disruptions and financial losses, they turned to Securitas Ireland for a swift and effective solution.

This case study explores the challenges faced, the implemented solutions, and the subsequent benefits gained through the enhancement of construction site security.


A global, science-led biopharmaceutical company dedicated to pioneering advancements in transformative medicine development. Their state-of-the-art pharmaceuticals have a positive impact on millions of patients globally, underscoring their commitment to advancing healthcare through innovative research and development.

Project overview

A significant construction project, faced with a series of break-ins resulting in disruptions and financial losses over a brief timeframe, sought a swift and effective remedy. In response, the client enlisted the expertise of the Securitas Ireland team to implement both immediate and enduring security measures.


  • Frequent break-ins leading to disruption of construction activities.
  • Financial losses due to theft and property damage.
  • Need for a swift and efficient security solution to deter and prevent future incidents.

“When this client reached our to Securitas with their concerns and challenges around the active crime threat, we knew the immediate solution was to react quickly. Within 24hours we had a merging solutions of technology and people, this stopped the disrupting break-in instantly. Beyond this rapidly implemented solution, we also recognized this was not financially sustainable for the long term. With more deployment time Securitas adapted the offering by leveraging fixed installed CCTV merged with a Ai Monitoring Engine. This site is now been protected with the power of Artificial intelligence combined with guarding & our mobile response team. A Proactive approach to construction security rather than reactive.” Peter McElhone, Solutions Development Manager, Securitas Ireland



Immediate Solutions (Implemented within 24 hours): Deployment of three rapid deployment CCTV & perimeter protection towers (MobileCam solution):

  • Immediate visual deterrent to potential intruders.
  • 24/7 monitoring of the construction site.

Long-Term Solutions

Fixed CCTV system integrated with Camect Ai engine

  • Cost-effective, continuous monitoring and analysis of CCTV streams.
  • Camect Ai engine provides intelligence, reporting incidents with 99.9% accuracy.
  • Scalable to accommodate site growth or reduce coverage during the final stages of construction.

Guarding and mobile patrols

  • Deployment of mobile teams for ad-hoc site visits.
  • Rapid response to intrusion detection or unusual activities.
  • Enhanced security during evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays.

SentriGuard® key management solution

  • Authorized access control for site keys.
  • Reduced key cutting, managed access solution.
  • Ensures only authorized personnel access the site.


Immediate disruption prevention

  • Break-ins and disruptions ceased immediately upon deploying the rapid deployment CCTV & perimeter protection towers (MobileCam solution).

Financial Savings

  • Long-term solution provided substantial savings compared to a 24-hour manned guarding presence.
  • Automated systems reduce the need for constant human surveillance.

Advanced CCTV intelligence

  • Camect Ai engine enhances the CCTV system's intelligence.
  • Reports incidents with a high level of accuracy, minimizing false alarms.


  • System can expand or contract based on the construction site's size and requirements.
  • Adaptable to evolving construction phases.

Controlled access

  • Improved control over site access during non-working hours.
  • SentryGuard key management solution ensures authorized access, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry.

Automated security control

  • Auditable, process-driven, and financially efficient.
  • Recorded footage provides accurate witnessing of events, aiding investigations.

In conclusion, the integration of rapid deployment CCTV, a Camect Ai engine, mobile patrols, and the SentryGuard key management solution provided our client with a comprehensive security solution that not only addressed immediate concerns but also offered a scalable and cost-effective long-term security strategy. The client now enjoys enhanced site protection, reduced financial risk, and improved control over access and security operations.

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