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Securitas Intelligence Unit

Combining cutting-edge technology with top security intelligence, our highly skilled analysts deliver real time intelligence to keep you and your business safe.

In an ever more interconnected world, there is more opportunity than ever for businesses to flourish. But, where there is opportunity, there is also risk, and localised events have far reaching impacts across the globe. More and more security teams are working 24/7, 365 days of the year, monitoring thousands of information sources, both physically and digitally, to manage traditional and new and emerging threats to their organisations.

It’s almost impossible to predict the future, but by thinking ahead, and maintaining situational awareness, businesses can mitigate against impacts to their people, property and assets, and ultimately safeguard against the cost of disruption while maximising their value.

Recent examples of disruptive scenarios include:

  • Armed conflict: China / India border conflict, Operation Peace Spring (Turkey / Syria), North Korea ICBM tests.
  • Geopolitics: Brexit, Indyref2, China’s new national security laws in Hong Kong, China/US regulations.
  • Environmental: the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns, natural disasters and inclement weather, including the Atlantic Storm season, and UK winter storms and flooding.
  • Terrorism: the threat of extremism during lockdown, terror attacks in Reading and Streatham (2020), the revision of the UK terrorism threat level in late 2019.
  • Protest & Unrest: Left- and right-wing protests, environmental activism, targeting of companies by activist groups.

To keep up with the evolving threat landscape, security teams need to evolve too. Where before responders reacted to what was happening right in front of them, now analysts and operators identify early warning indicators, react to events a world away in real time, and maintain and raise awareness of them to mitigate against any impact to business operations. It’s a shift from staticsecurity and reactive continuity towards dynamic and agile resilience.

This is where the Securitas Intelligence Unit (SIU) and Security Intelligence comes in.

Introducing Securitas Intelligence Unit

Our dedicated Securitas Intelligence Unit (SIU) provide intelligence services to protect the interests of some of the highest profile and largest corporations in the UK, Ireland, Europe and worldwide.

Security intelligence is the provision of timely, accurate and relevant information about events / incidents that have the potential to impact an organization.

So, it’s data?

No, intelligence is a lot more than just ‘data’.

Some have called data the ‘new oil’, and you can fill your systems with data, in the same way you fill your car with fuel, but intelligence will provide you with route options, it can tell you if the outside temperature poses a risk to road conditions, and help you avoid traffic on the way to your destination, saving you from unnecessary and costly disruption.

The emphasis in this example is on ‘external’ factors, but applying them to the ‘internal’ workings of an organization, and the context of its operations, is key to effective intelligence.

Intelligence is actionable. It informs decision makers of what’s going on, how it affects them and their business, and what actions are available to mitigate against any unwanted impacts.

The SIU delivers security intelligence through three core solutions: Alerting, Analysis, and Investigations.

  • Alerting provides timely intelligence and notification on threats and incidents that may disrupt business operations. This includes real-world events as and when they happen, and indicators of potential risk.
  • Analysis provides additional insights and briefings to help clients understand the threats they face. This includes forecasting of risk events through horizon scanning (delivered through daily, weekly, monthly and annual lookaheads), and tailored intelligence reports and assessments into threat actors, events and locations.
  • Investigations is more than just an after-the-fact review of when an incident has occurred – although this is part of the solution. It also includes ‘defensive screening’ of people, premises and property to identify any vulnerabilities that may be exploited by a malicious actor.

The SIU’s services can be delivered as a ‘service’ from a menu of options, or through dedicated analyst support by one of our subject matter experts.

Keeping your business safe

Making your world a safer place is our mission. Each day, we protect clients across the globe. Small business or big corporate, you matter. Securitas’ mission is to be the Intelligence Protective Services Partner, and the SIU are key to this through the delivery of intelligence-led security.

The SIU has extensive experience working across a wide range of industries and sectors, providing intelligence services to protect some of the highest profile and largest corporations in the UK, Ireland, Europe and worldwide. Our analysts come from a variety of backgrounds, including academia, the police, military, government and private sector intelligence. Using cutting-edge technology, and leveraging a global network of intelligence sources, the SIU monitors for threats and incidents around the world, alerting clients of risks to their business, and what actions they can take to protect their people, property and assets.

By combining our six protective services with top security intelligence, our highly skilled analysts deliver real time intelligence to keep you and your business safe 24/7.

And with increased security, and fewer business interruptions, you can focus on your core business giving you added value and peace of mind.

The Securitas Intelligence Unit – be informed, be in control.

Speak to us today to find out more about our range of intelligent security services.

Peace of mind

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