Combined Static Guard and Mobile

New higher standards in licensing have brought quality and recognition to our industry - it has, however, driven up the cost to the customer through higher wages and the investment in training.

Risk Mitigation at the Right Price

You need 24 hour guarding; however, higher costs mean that Securitas Ireland needs to review the dependency on 'arms and legs' as a solution to your security needs. Securitas Mobile offer the complementary service that adds value to static guarding but radically reduces overall costs or your security services.

A successful security solution often consists of a combination of Security Officer, Mobile Security Services and the deployment of the correct Technology. Carefully selected security officers with the appropriate training for the task are supported by, for example, access control systems, reporting systems, monitoring systems and alarm systems.

What are the questions you asked when it comes to security?

What company has good security technology? What company has a worldwide reputation for world class delivery of Security Services? What Alarm Monitoring Station can we engage? Do we need someone who can be called-out in the event of an alarm...? Sound familiar?

We know how confusing it can be with many different suppliers of a single thing – security. You want to focus all your power on production of your products and services, so why make things difficult thinking about your Security Vendor?

Let us provide you with a worry-free comprehensive solution. With Securitas combination services, you get everything you need in order to protect your operations. One complete security solution with one contact person for everything, one contract and one fixed price for a full security package with no hassles or thoughts as to the viability of the supplier, and will there be there next week.

One flexible solution is combining Guarding and Mobile services.

Our customers find that replacing one or more static officers with highly visible random patrols is an effective deterrent and it reduces their security spend.

Our innovative audit trails ensure that our customers have clear visible evidence of all internal and external patrols and the audit trail of those "must visit" areas.

This proof of service provides our customers with complete peace of mind, and ensures that the savings in cost do not compromise the required level of security our customers’ needs. This fully ensures total business continuity for them, their customers and staff.

All this is further complimented when technology is introduced to the operations.


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